Ron Montandon: Owner / General Manager

Mr. Montandon is a graduate of Elkhart High School and has lived in Northern Indiana for the majority of his life. After high school he went on to Purdue University and pursued a degree in landscape architecture. He later went on to complete four years of technical training and became  a journeyman electrician. Mr. Montandon has admired the Beiger Mansion for most of his life. He recalls, as a child, having his mother drive him past the mansion on their way to South Bend so he could see it. “It was the most magnificent home I had ever seen. I knew, even then, that one day I had to own it.” Having purchased and restored several homes in the area Mr. Montandon was able to purchase his lifelong dream home, the mansion, in 1989. The restoration of the Beiger Mansion has since become his greatest passion in life, a pursuit of over 25 loving years. 

Dennis Slade: Owner / Events Coordinator

Originally from Chicago, Mr. Slade began his multifaceted career in in the early 1970’s and moved to San Francesco in the late 1970’s. Over his long career he has worked in the fields of interior design, floral design, event planning, restaurant management and photography. Joining our team in 2000 his diverse skill set is suited perfectly to the daily tasks at The Beiger. With his wealth of experience, and over 20 years of working in the wedding industry, Mr. Slade is an expert in event and wedding planning, ensuring our clientele have the perfect party. It is our very great honor to call Mr. Dennis Slade a member of our team.  Together both Mr. Montandon and Mr. Slade have worked together to greatly further the restoration of the Mansion and to ensure it remains a fixture of our community.